#29 The Big Test

Last day of 2015, and all I can think is – 8 weeks to The Open

As a coach, I have my role to play and i never take it lightly

8 week programme is done. Time to hand it over to the athletes.

Have to be thoughtful around to how i deliver it, and then pay attention to how its received. The human piece.

I know where I see the athletes going over the next 8 weeks. The trajectory is set. Excited athletes adhere very well, so its important they know where they are going too.

Then its up to them.

Thats the really cool part. These plans, these programmes, they’re nothing until the athlete breathes life into them. The struggle, the adaptation, the big leap forward.

Its all too bloody exciting

#29 The Big Test

#28 Busy, super!

Seems like everyone is busy.

“Things are mental at the moment, up to my tonsils. Sick of it all”

Yeah, yeah, whatever. Badge of honour..or an excuse..or a declaration of self-importance.

My good friend gave me a nice big lecture recently.

“You’re busy because you choose to be busy. Stop whining about it. You are lucky to…”

On it went.

Didn’t like hearing that one. He was right though. No more bitching.

I love my job, and busy is what I’m shooting for.

“up to my tonsils, it’s bleedin great”

#28 Busy, super!

#27 Fork In The Road

Soul Surfer

Surfs for of the love of it, and for all of the good things that come with it. He explores different methods, looks for new challenges, enjoys the journey. Its a life-enhancing persuit.

Pro Surfer

Surfs to be beat the competition, to prove herself better than everyone else. To win.


There are plenty of Soul Surfers out there just as good as the Pro’s.

As we get better at CrossFit, competing often seems like the natural next step.

For some, it absolutely is. Killers.

On the other hand, not everyone is a killer, and the Soul Surfer life sounds pretty good to me.

#27 Fork In The Road

#26 Going Tribal

CrossFit is not for everyone

I have spent years trying to convince everyone that it is.

But it’s not.

CrossFit is a tribe, and it’s populated with ordinary people who are engaged with their physical selves.

I have a body, what can I do with it?

I want to climb that rope

I want to be better

Important distinction
It’s not a tribe full of people who can climb a rope. It’s just that the prospect of it sounds very cool.

If that’s you, join the tribe.

But I won’t be able for it!

Shut up, yes you will.

#26 Going Tribal

#25 As Nike Would Say

There’s a job I have needed to do for a long time, and tomorrow it’s getting done.

I can hear my dad in my ear

“Stop procrastinating”

I have been putting it off for so long, I have gotten to the point of parking every single element of it until I get around to tackling the whole job at once.

In hindsight…well hindsight is a wonderful thing

Lesson to future-self

There are times that you need to go all-out, to work at full-intensity. Don’t waste it on something you hate.

For the boring stuff, regular consistent effort at 50% pace is what gets the job done.

#25 As Nike Would Say

#24 That Didn’t Take Long

One and half days is what it took

Walking around on flat tyres, gut like a water balloon, brain full of stagnant water

Heart rate needs a kick, body needs to move, head needs clarity.

Climb a rope, lift a barbell. Regionals 2013. That’ll do it.

Warm up was endless and hateful

Skills got me going, tuned up

Felt ready for the workout. Turned out I was very wrong.

Done now though, back on it.

#24 That Didn’t Take Long