#55 How cool

Imagine making someone’s day

How cool.

I wonder have I ever done that?

Surely I must have. At some stage. Even by accident.

Surely we all have.

Making someones day does feel like a weird aim though, doesn’t it?

Feels like something that should just happen spontaneously.

Maybe though, going out with the intention to be extra generous, to be actively helpful to someone is a good aim.

I see this at the gym all the time. People going out of their way to make the newbies feel more comfortable, or to help a buddy out with some practice.

Being selfless for the sake of it.

Thats what makes my day.

#55 How cool

#54 Saddling Up

20 days injured.

Have tomorrow pencilled in for a return to training.

A little nervous.

20 years training, and 20 days off is all it took. It’s amazing how quickly the confidence gets shaken.

Makes me think of the people who have taken 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years off.

Quite a horse to get back up onto.

Then there’s those who have lived 40-plus-years and have never done an exercise program. Ever.

How do you make that leap? Where do you start?

No easy thing.

Nice little reminder that everyone stands in the gym every evening with a brave face on.

Who knows what’s going on under the surface.

#54 Saddling Up

#53 Shit Itself?

In a dirty scrambled mental rut today.

Huge couple of days work done. Overcame two long-running issues. Finally got fully on top of things in the office and the training couldn’t be going better. Squad is killing it.

Lots of momentum. Load lifted. Buzzing.

Except not.

Brick wall. No imagination. Flat.

Brain over-heated, irritated. In the proverbial horrors.

Whats going on?

As I try to solve this riddle, I start looking for a deep, convoluted reason for my counter-intuitive mood.

“Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something about the meaning of all this work”

Then I remember a great tip someone gave me

Look at it as if you were analysing a baby’s mood

1. Hungry?
2. Shit itself?
3. Tired?

Luckily, its just No.3.

Just need a day off. Thats all.

#53 Shit Itself?

#52 Performance Boosters

3 Daily Rituals


Stick your feet together. Like right beside each other.

No shoes is better.

Sit as low as you can.

Let your Knees drop out to the side as you get to the bottom.

Keep your feet flat on the ground.

A few seconds, a few minutes. Whatever you’ve got.


Guzzle half a litre of water first thing in the morning.

Simple, but very effective.


List 3 things you are Grateful for.

Different ones, every day.

This is the one I struggle with most.

Force it though. It’s always worth it.


Less than a 2 minute time investment.
Every day.

#52 Performance Boosters

#51 Protectionism

For the competitive athlete, protectionism is easy.

Snap, and you’re there. Instant reaction.

“I’m No. 1. Top dog. Nobody is taking that from me”

Keep competition at arms length. Fiercely protect the status quo.


Understandable, but costly.

Things we associate with being a good person can very quickly dissipate.

Generosity, openness, welcoming.

Hard to see an upside when you have a position to protect.


So heres the challenge.

Generously invite in some competition.

Let them push you. Highlight your soft spots. Force new growth.

And let go of position, it only stunts.

Scary? Yes.

Risky? Perhaps

But here’s two questions.

Does anyone ever really win by just playing defence?

Is winning all that counts?

#51 Protectionism

#50 Pacing

A January work week

Turns into a 7-Day-Amrap

How do you pace that?

Especially when your 7-Day-Amrap is followed by another 7-Day-Amrap.

With no rest.

Very quickly turns into a 7-Week-Amrap.

Pacing strategy looks very different again.

Where does one find intensity?

Well, one doesn’t.

Rest days dickhead. Take rest days.

#50 Pacing