#79 Nothing

When I started this blog, I promised myself I would write something every day, and take Saturdays off.

So far, I have succeeded.

Here I am, 14 hours into my day, setting my alarm for 5:30am and I have nothing to offer.

Brain is empty.

Gone fully-dummy.

Someone told me before

“If you don’t have anything to write about, write about what makes you angry”

Can’t even come up with anything for that.

I give up.

#79 Nothing

#78 In Mourning

I turned 36 this week and something strange happened.

My inner-competitive athlete died.

Now, I’m not saying my competitiveness is dead. If anything, I’m more competitive than ever.

And I’m not saying my athletic days are over. I can still move, and still aim to become a better athlete.

But I have to now accept that I won’t be playing any sport at a high level.

As obvious as this may seem, accepting this hasn’t been easy. I started to contemplate this notion about three years ago and it still never fully landed.

Well, this week it landed. Like a tonne of bricks, and it feels like a death.

It’s awful, no way of dressing it up.

Awful. And I don’t know what to do with it.

It’s now my mission to make sure none of my athletes miss their opportunity.

If they want it, it’s there for them. It’s all so obvious now. Just do the work.

It wasn’t at the time. Hindsight is a great thing.

#78 In Mourning

#77 16.1

Last nights workout announcement is going to land differently for everyone.We all gotta deal. Here’s your survival guide.


Athlete 1  – Buzzin out of your brain

I’m delighted to see you are pumped and ready to eat 16.1 alive. That’s awesome.

But calm down.

It’s 20 minutes of non-stop lunges, burpees and pull ups.

You gotta keep your head. Think about finishing faster than starting.

Staying down-regulated is the key. Low heart-rate, cold dead eyes.

1. If you find yourself holding your breathe, immediately relax and get that oxygen flowing again.
2. Don’t fail a pull up. Easier said than done, right? This basically means make sure you have enough in the tank to complete the planned reps before you jump on.
3. This is all about the burpees. Go easy. Make them low energy. Step down and up, and breathe?


Athlete 2 – Terrified beyond description

The worst thing that’s going to happen is you are going to get tired.

It’s only another workout. You can absolutley do this.

If you accept the fact that you are going to be nervous, self-doubt will be present and you have nothing to prove to anyone, it will make it a little easier.

And remember, everyone is behind you.

1. Distract yourself today. Honestly, in this instance denial is the best form of stress relief.
2. Go into the gym and tell everyone how nervous you are and how shit you are going to do. They will be kind to you.
3. Be really supportive of others and they will return the favour.


Athlete 3 – I wanted to go RX, but can’t. Fuck you CrossFit.

I get it. Damn chest-to-bars. It’s so easy to turn this into a self-immolating-angry-castro-hating-blame-game.

Please, don’t do it to yourself.

This can be such a positive thing if you just frame it right.

And who knows, your first chest-to-bar may well be waiting for you this weekend.

1. The scaled competition is absolutely huge, there’s so much to play for. Go get it.
2. The scaled version is actually gonna hurt like hell. Get your head around sitting in the pain-cave, then embrace it. Got an engine? This is your time to shine.
3. In a years time when you re-test this workout and go RX, you can look back at your current self with patronising glee.

#77 16.1

#76 A Bleedin Poem?

The Endless Struggle
The bar is high, the distance far
Will I ever get unbroken toes to bar

Do them in singles, I hear you say
But when there’s fifty, it takes all day!

Be sure to kip, not pendulum
Why the hell is it so easy for some?
As I transition from arch to hollow
A quick hip flexion is soon to follow

Up my feet snap, well on their way
They’re about to touch, but then fall away
That was so close! One inch short!
Here comes the pendulum, time to abort.

As I release my grip, from the bar I unfetter.
Oh great my hands ripped, today just gets better and better.

#76 A Bleedin Poem?

#75 Mind Yourself

Stress needs to balanced out with relaxation.

Trauma with therapy.

After an assault, all we want is to be comforted.

A hard training session is a measured and purposeful assault on the system, a controlled dose of stress and trauma.

We do this to stimulate some sort of personal growth.

At the same time, we instinctively know that trauma and stress alone are harmful.

Its only when we add in the therapy, relaxation and comfort that we get the healed and come out stronger at the other end.

As CrossFit athletes, putting energy into the assault is never an issue.

Balance on the other hand, tends to be.

So the question for today is..

Are you matching your trauma with enough therapy?

Dedicated ninety minutes to healing bodies last night.

It was so good to see the crew looking after themselves, giving their bodies some much needed TLC.

I have so much respect for the beating everyone puts themselves through every day.

Tough, tough people.

On the flip side, I just want them to mind themselves.

I know I used to be guilty of training a lot and not actively recovering.

It cost me dear, having to walk away from a sport I loved.

Doing my best to now preach the doctrine of balance.

#75 Mind Yourself

#74 Physical Energy

After holding a lot of frustration over the past two weeks over one single issue, something finally dawned on me.

I reluctantly, and almost accidentally, poured some physical energy into the issue and it felt immediately resolved.

Having spent countless hours stressing about it, trying to think out a solution, concluding it was unsolvable, all I needed was to do some physical work.

I see this with athletes obsessing over a movement that is causing difficulty.

“Why can’t I jerk! It’s way behind my clean, I must be made weird!”

“My barbell is great but what about pull ups!”

It gets built into this large nemesis, unconquerable.

Queue the mental obsession.

Instead, put some physical energy into it.

Jerk with an empty bar for a month. Become obsessed, but in a physical way.

At any opportunity, do some work that will move you toward it.

Total and complete immersion.

Thats the thing about training. If you do it, it tends to work.

#74 Physical Energy

#73 Open Week vs Training Week

Switching gears this week and its not easy.

Been pushing everyone hard for the past 2 months, now I got to pull on the leash a little bit.

The Open Season is tricky. On the face of it, its five workouts.

If you are in it to compete however, its really a five week tournament.

The challenge is to get the crew switched into that mindset.

Training Week

We talk about spending our training currency wisely.

Start the week with €100, aim to go into the last day of the week with €20 in your pocket.

Then empty the bank.

Don’t look after your recovery. Do an extra Hero Wod with the bros. Slam eight vodkas at your sisters wedding.

Now you are starting the next week with €70 in your pocket.

You can see how this cycle on repeat is a zero-sum game.

Simple solution.

Stick to the programme. Look after your recovery. Go easy on the vodka.


Open Week

Open Workout is Friday. Game Day.

Now the aim is to arrive on Friday with €60 in your pocket.

With only €20, you run the risk of running out of energy.

With €100, it probably means you haven’t done enough.

Its important the body and mind remember that its an athlete, avoiding any shock to the system.

Do enough to keep the skills sharp, keep the engine purring, while also staying fresh and hungry for work.

Then go on the attack.

#73 Open Week vs Training Week