#65 Valuable “Friends”

When looking for an opinion, I’m often looking for affirmation.

I would do work I was proud of, then go collect the reward.

Pure hedonistic praise-gorging.

More and more though, I’m seeking out people who won’t oblige.

Instead they give me hard honesty.

I know they are the right people because I have to brace myself for the answer.

It’s often

“Nah, don’t like it”

“Don’t get it”

“Why the hell would you do that?”

Back to the drawing board.

Now believe me, invariably its hard to hear. Have to adjust my mindset.

But its worth the kick in the gut because it always results in better work.

And I know, when I do get the thumbs up, i’m onto a home-run.

Tough but invaluable.

Find honesty, then brace yourself.

#65 Valuable “Friends”

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