#125 Jesus, Was That Me?

I was asked by a physical therapist for a very detailed injury history recently in preparation for a treatment.

I was truly shocked at how little I gave a shit about my personal well-being.

The list included

One broken toe

A broken foot

Broken left leg

Right leg broken twice

Hospitalised after kick to the hip

Broken back, two vertebrae

Broken hand

Broken nose

Multiple concussions

Burst right eardrum, three times

Countless muscle spasms, ligament tears, cuts and deep bruising

All injuries were sustained between the ages of 18 and 30, practicing my competitive sport.

At 30, I left my sport behind and CrossFit goes from my strength and conditioning program to my full time focus.

In the six years since…

Back spasm flares up a couple of times a year when overload the system.

Shoulder pain from time to time. Again, when I overload the system.

Have had an elbow injury at one stage too if I remember correctly.

Hand rips.

And CrossFit gets the reputation.

The mind boggles.

#125 Jesus, Was That Me?

#122 “Future”

Work now, play later.

How far down the road do you kick that can?

After all, play is what life’s about.

Guilty sometimes of investing in the future at the expense of the present.

Seems like a good strategy, but then you hear about the guy who works relentlessly for 40 years to have his business collapse just as he plans to retire.

Everything lost.

That scares me.

Letting life pass me by as I build for the “future”.

Like anything, there’s got to be a balance.

Play now, work later doesn’t seem to make much sense either.

I guess I’ve got to figure out how to work now, play now.

#122 “Future”

#121 Bank It

Every workout, I’m trying to bank something.

“What did I just achieve?”

Every session we do brings with it some loot.

Something that moves us forward.

Important to identify exactly what that thing was, then mentally bank it.

A lot of the time it’s simply coming through a struggle. Moments where things got tough and I didn’t quit.

Sure, I may have slowed down, or stopped for a rest.

But I didn’t quit.

Money in the bank.

Then there are the odd days when I do
quit. They are the ones that drive me nuts, and act as the fuel for the next workout.

#121 Bank It

#120 Pumped

Finally getting a run at training. Finally.

Fired up.

Crossing over to obsession.

It’s been a while too.

Way too long.

Feels so fucking good.

Back in that groove that feels so familiar.

I can see the progress and I want more.

Greedy, greedy, greedy.

More, more more.

In that weird altered mental state where everything just seems so fucking awesome.

Pumped. High 5’s after the warm up.

Yes, I’m that guy.

#120 Pumped