#143 Weekend At Regionals

Small margins. Christ almighty.

Extreme people, fully committed to climbing the mountain.

Reaching the summit depends on a second here, a missed grip there. Maybe it comes down to one judge’s call.

Seeing a guy go into the final day in second place, then drop to 6th in the second-to-last workout, then drop out altogether by the last.

That same fella missed out last year because of one missed clean.

Another year gone, another 12 months of work wiped away.

High stakes poker at its highest.

Yet even within the top 1% of the top 1%, there’s a disparity.

From 25th to 5th place, the gulf slowly reveals itself.

12 more months of hard work ahead. Maybe next year.

Maybe not.

It’s a brilliant but cruel, cruel game.

#143 Weekend At Regionals

#142 Execution Is Everything

The idea is the easy part.

An electric car that flies. A phone that’s also a machine gun.

All cool stuff. Actually pulling it off is another matter.

And then when you do, maybe the car can fly but does it drive well? Does the battery last a full trip.

Execution is everything.

Having a CrossFit competition where the whole country is involved, which is fun to watch, great to compete at and all runs smoothly is also sounds like a great idea.

In the Filthy 150, we have a great idea. A team event with inclusion, participation and community at its core. And it still manages to be a serious competition.

If i’m being honest, execution up to this point has been a mixed bag.

I walked away from last year a little annoyed. There were things that didn’t go well.

Hence, my obsession has begun. Fixing the mistakes. righting the wrongs.

So what needs fixing? That’s what’s going to keep me awake for the next 4months…

This thing needs to fly like an F-22, drive like a ferarri and not have the battery run out mid-flight.

#142 Execution Is Everything

#141 Three Random Observations

At the end of a long and busy day, here are 3 random things I noticed today.

1.Something that bugs me way more than it should.

When people try to give me business advice, having never actually run a business. Whats more, it often leads to a fitness analogy to help me understand. “it’s like in here, you wouldn’t have people do muscle ups if they couldn’t do a pull up”. Oh Christ.

Calm down Jamie. They are just trying to help.

2.Pressure creates openings

When faced with a complex problem, applying constant pressure will eventually open it up. Fits and starts won’t cut it. Either will standing there doing nothing. Start testing solutions, keep pressing forward, don’t let up. Eventually, the openings will present themselves.

3.Be careful what you wish for

We started the Filthy 150 to grow it into something big and brilliant. With over 1000 athletes signed up for year 4, I think we are well the way. So, can’t start bitching about the mountain of work that lies ahead. This is what you were shooting for.

#141 Three Random Observations

#140 Rivalry Trap

Is competition healthy or damaging?

I have always presumed it’s a good thing.

Forces us to improve, keeps us on our toes.

Then I read a great book which makes arguments to the contrary. Made a lot of sense too.

Go for Monopoly instead. Own your market, dominate the field.

Rivals tend to eat each other.

Too much emotion involved, not enough rationale.

But what about when monopoly is not an option.

What about when the place is swarming.

Compete or be dominated. Fight or die.

Keeping that competition healthy is the best you can do.

My strategy is to empathise with them.

The other coaches, athletes, gym owners, we are all trying to do the same thing.

To survive, to grow, to get the occasional win.

The fact that they are competing is no slight on me. In fact it’s probably a complement.

Use it, don’t get emotional, and stay on mission.

#140 Rivalry Trap

#139 Twenty Seven

Triple it, triple it again, then triple it again.

Follow the sequence. Take the logical next step.

Like air squat, back squat, front squat, overhead squat.

Small incremental improvement is usually the best road map to follow.

Nescafe, Topaz, Nespresso, Brew Bar.

I once tried going from cornflakes to kale for breakfast, only to end up back at cornflakes.

Adding in porridge, then eggs to the sequence was the more successful route.

Not many people show up for fundamentals with three pairs of shoes in their bag.

It normally goes Asics, two months later Nano’s, then add in the Romo’s a few months after that, til one day you see them rocking their “recovery day shoes”.

Jumping straight to step four usually doesn’t make sense.

Muscle up. Bodyweight snatch. Unbroken Fran.

All cool stuff. Instead of obsessing over why you can’t yet do them, simply ask “what’s my next logical step?”

Things will naturally take their course.

#139 Twenty Seven

#138 My Arrogance

I have an idea which I have been running by people.

It’s not going down well.

The general response has been


Leaves me with a dilemma.

Do I listen to the outside voices, let them guide me?

Or go with my gut, take the risk?

I have witnessed someone go with a big idea, ignore the outside voices, and it not working out.

Scary stuff.

But then I think, “what’s the cost of not doing it?”

Some confirmation bias perhaps.

Back and forth, back and forth.

It seems to me that people get so bored of the status quo, while at the same time hating change.

“Just give me what I expect, but also make it big, new and exciting”

Then again, when you start arguing that you have the answer and everyone else just can’t see it, you’ve probably crossed over to arrogance and are onto a loser.

#138 My Arrogance

#137 Four To Six

Four to six weeks.

That’s how long it generally takes.

To shake off the nerves.

To make some friends.

To know what a clean is.

For the first few weeks you are treading water, just surviving.

You probably still won’t know what a hang power clean is.

Or what to do before class to warm up.

Or be able to overhead squat.

Or really look forward to a wod.

But it’s at that four to six week point that things start to change.

You find your rhythm, and possibly a lifting buddy. You have some numbers too. Some wods actually start looking cool. You feel like what you are doing is starting to resemble what everyone else is doing.

It’s not until this point that you allow yourself to fit in. To feel like you belong.

But you will.

So hang in there.

And for the rest of us, its important to remember how hard it was and to make it as easy as possible on the newbies.

Get them through those first few weeks and they won’t forget it.

#137 Four To Six