#171 Hunger Games

I have this long-term in-built fear of hunger.

It comes from my early days as a personal trainer.

I coached kickboxing at a very busy city-centre gym. Most days were anywhere from 8 to 14 hours of straight coaching.

Back-to-back hours, no break, intense as hell.

Padwork, sparring, drills. Exhausting. But more than that, famishing.

Christ I used to get so fucking hungry.

And not a little hangry. Proper losing my sanity hunger.

I would pray for a client to be 5 minutes late just so I could shove some food down my neck.

Then, home at 11pm and just eat everything.

After years of this, the pattern was set. Eating very much, very late.

It’s a pattern i’m trying to break.

Which brings me to fasting.

This week has been an experiment.

No food from 2pm every day until breakfast the next morning.

This might not seem much like fasting, and its probably not.

For me though, its a big deal.

Usually if I even anticipate hunger, I want to cut it of at the pass.

“Better eat something in case i get hungry.”

Crazy stuff.

Trying to remind myself I can live without food longer than my monkey brain makes me think I can.

Hunger is a natural thing, and should probably, at least in some small way, be part of day-to-day life.

Giving my self-discipline a bit of a tune-up is no bad thing either.

Use it or lose and all that.

So, here I am, at home after another long day, feeling hungry and staying busy.

Trying not to panic.

Definitely not thinking about how much I want to go and raid the cupboard.

#171 Hunger Games

#170 The Cogs Are Turning

The birth of a new training cycle is no simple thing.

A few weeks out, I see the need for it and the cogs start turning.

At this point, i’m just thinking broadly. Gathering some ideas, giving myself some options.

Figuring out what the group needs.

Then, I brainstorm it for a few of hours with the team, boiling it down to something we love.

Once we have decided what direction we are going in, the planning starts.

Maybe we begin with a structure. A start, middle and end.

Then we fill in the detail. The movements, the drills, the workouts. The frequency, the dosage, the intensity.

Fill in all the little pieces that make it what it is.

Then I check if it’s balanced. The training load needs to be maximised, but not overloaded.

Finally, I take a step back and look at it with fresh eyes.

Did we achieve what we set out to achieve?

Ah yes, now we have it.

Time for the big sell. Hugely important that we get buy-in from the athletes.

Build the story around it, make it a compelling prospect. Then deliver it.

They have to love it too.

Then, you hand it over. Its theirs now.

Time to take another leap forward.

At this point, it feels like the work is done. In reality, it’s only the start. All you have is a plan.

How the plan gets executed is way more important than the quality of the plan itself.

Guiding them through the process, well thats the coaching part.

Otherwise, your simply a programmer.

#170 The Cogs Are Turning

#169 Back To It

Some find writing relaxing.

For me, it works in reverse.

There is a certain amount of head space and relaxation required before I can get anything down.

For the past two weeks, my attention has been pinned against a brick wall, a gun pressed against its forehead.

Every sentence is a grind, every idea chasing it’s own tail.

Hoping to find my way back to it this week.

Writing stuff down is such a simple way for me analysing my own performance.

Patterns of thought become apparent, themes reoccurring.

These patterns tell me where i waste time, how I can be more effective and where to focus my energy.

Without it, I’m back to wading blindly through dark waters, overreacting to every little thing that brushes up against my leg.

Being purely reactive is not a good strategy.

Writing is my way of getting ahead of the game.

#169 Back To It