#173 Who We Are

Who are we? As a gym, as a community, as an organisation.

What defines us?

This was an exercise I set out to complete a few weeks ago.

To establish a set of core values that we believe in and constantly strive to become.

In reality, we are many things. Too many in fact.

I had written down nine core values which seemed to sum us up nice and succinctly.

Then I was challenged was to boil it down to three. Not so easy.

Then I spent two days at CrossFit New England and the answer soon became clear..

This is who we are


1. Humble
“freedom from pride or arrogance”, “holding a modest opinion of one’s importance or rank”

Humble people tend to put others first. Its a nice thing, but lets not confuse that with some sort of submissive acquiescence. Its not a lack of strength. Its more a recognition that no matter how good we are are, we all have things we can improve on. Its also a recognition that the more we build others up around us, the better we become.
Lets not forget that our goals are lofty and we’re not there yet. We don’t shout about how good we are but instead get our heads down and work our arses off for it.
Can we be confident and humble at the same time? Absolutely. Can we be humble and arrogant at the same time? Absolutely not. The net effect is a huge openness to feedback and nicer environment to grow in.

2. Hungry
This is trait that is probably most associated with CrossFitters. That get after it mentality. The very fact you were interested joining a CrossFit gym in the first place probably marks you out as somebody who’s not afraid of hard work. Hungry people seek out challenge and appreciate the value in going through discomfort. Once we recognise this in ourselves, we start approaching our challenges with energy and enthusiasm. “Let me at it.” “Bring it on.” This is what we see every day at the whiteboard, on the pull up bar and under the barbell…and i couldn’t love it more.

3. Happy
If we are not aiming for happiness, what exactly are doing? its kinda the whole point. The most common mistake is attaching happiness to future goals. “I’ll be happy when…”. Even CrossFit Games champions will tell you that after fleeting moment of happiness, they just move the goal post and start thinking about next year and retaining their title. This may be a useful device in keeping us moving forward, but what about right now?
My father always taught me to value relationships above everything else. Its all we have at the end of the day. My wife always reminds me(annoyingly) to be grateful for what i have right now. When i’m in the worst mood she’ll say, “go on, list 3 things”. After i tell her to piss off a few times, I’ll roll my eyes and do my list. “i’m grateful for…” Annoyingly, it always works.
Gratitude and relationships are where real happiness lie, and yet i need to be reminded of this daily. So, here i am reminding myself once more. I have a gym full of happy, hungry and humble people and i couldn’t ask for anything more.

#173 Who We Are

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