#174 File Converted

Ok, those who know me will tell you how annoyingly upbeat I have been recently.

Darina tells anyone who’ll listen

“He’s in top-form, you just want to punch him”

It’s true. I have never felt more energised and ready for the next chapter.

A large part of that is down to finding a bit of clarity. Clarity about what’s important, and what’s not.

Figuring this out has frankly changed everything. Its like I have had this file on my computer named ”Dreams” and someone came along and converted it to “Plans”.

Decisions about where to invest energy and where to say NO have become obvious and easy.

Finding this clarity has been a process of answering hard questions over the past 2 months. This process is detailed in the book “Traction” recommended to me by Ben Bergeron. Its largely a process of target-setting and below is a very broad outline of that process and a few observations along the way.

Obviously, I recommend you go read the book.

10 Year Target

Your big hairy audacious goal. If I work my butt off for 10 years, would I be satisfied if this was the outcome? Thats the question. It has to feel worth it, so aim high.

3 Year Target

Where I need to be in 3 years to set me up for that 10 year goal. I was very surprised how close this looked to my 10 year target. My gut says its right though. We even tried to keep it relatively conservative and it still looked about 70% done in 3 years. Which means I will have 7 years of being very patient thereafter. Happily patient mind you.

1 Year Target

Approx a third of my way to my 3 year target. This is where it gets both very exciting and a little anxious. You can start to see your big hairy audacious goal beginning to take shape and it starts to feel very real. Then, the pressure hits you. Shit, I have work to do and can’t miss anything. Never have I felt something that sharpens the focus more.

Next 90 Days

What are the big things things that need to happen now to keep me tracking with my 1 year goal. My “rocks”, the nitty gritty, day-to-day stuff that moves me a step closer. Rower maintenance and cleaning toilets are all-of-a-sudden directly related to bringing an athlete to the CrossFit Games. Very cool.

This week

Track my rocks from last week, reset them for the coming week. This is a weekly meeting dedicated to that 10, 3, 1 year and 90 day targets. We’re on a schedule now, and can’t fall behind. The buck stops here.

And repeat, the buck stops here.

#174 File Converted

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