Munich – Day 3

Shortened, compressed, lengthened.

Occlused, perfused, oxygen saturated.

Scraped, distracted, smashed.


Two days of finding the extremities of my mechanics.

So, do I possess complete mechanics?

I most certainly don’t.

Basic capacities I was born with have slowly drifted away.

Or have been sacrificed to the combat-sports-gods.

But here’s the thing.

There are world champion athletes with incomplete mechanics.

The very best on the planet, yet athletically incomplete.

And I recaptured some of mine this weekend.

Whatever I am missing is simply potential for growth.

I can’t wait to get into this stuff with I get back to my athletes.

In all of these drills, tests, protocols, all I see are my athletes, and all that athletic potential.

Munich – Day 3

Munich – Day 2

As seminars go, this one is dense.

10 hours deep and I was ready to go home.

Phenomenal information, delivered by a master.

Going through the process in person with Kelly was a different experience altogether.

I finally got to ask the little questions I have had in my head for over 5 years.

Little pieces of nuance that weren’t quite landing for me.

Now I know.

All day, my athletes were popping into my head.

Ah, this one’s for Sharon. Donal needs that. The whole team starts that Monday!

All day, my athletes.

The biggest game-changer were the breathing drills.

We spent three hours on breath alone, and they hit me like a train.

Dizziness, pins and needles down both arms, loss of hearing.

Close to loss of consciousness.

Black magic.

If there wasn’t a second day tomorrow, I would leave now happy that the trip was worthwhile.

Roll on Day-2.

Munich – Day 2

Munich – Day 1

Cool place.

Unspectacular, understated, undeniably cool.

I have come here to train with a mentor of mine for the past 7 years, and tomorrow I get to meet him for the first time…

I owe Kelly Starrett a lot.

When I first started following his educational material, I was utterly bewildered.

He was speaking English, but yet talking this whole other language.

Here I was, a CrossFit coach, and there he was, a CrossFit coach. Yet, we were not the same thing at all.

He understood movement and communicated on a level I had never encountered.

Honestly, I couldn’t help but hate the dude. Genuinely, my comparative lack of knowledge drove me crazy.

So…I went down the rabbit hole.

I immersed myself in positional archetypes, joint rotation, torque, capsule distraction…..

Eating up knowledge wherever I could find it, deepening my understanding.

I had witnessed a master, a coaching archetype to aim for.

Ever since then, Kelly’s framework for analysing and improving movement has helped me further my career, build a business.

As I said, I owe him a lot. In a many ways, the guy educated me for free.

And tomorrow, I get to chat with the 2017 version.

Needless to say, I pretty excited.

Munich – Day 1