#175 Simple, Not Grand

One of the best programmed events I have been to in Ireland was the Blanchardstown Throwdown this year.

Hats off to Andy Ewington.

He managed to come up with very simple workouts that were at the same time, very interesting.

Thats the sweet spot.

Its in the making them interesting that things can get very complicated very quickly.

You start off with a simple couplet and before you know it, you have a part a and b, multiple partner transitions, rules for those transitions, separate scoring for both parts…layer upon layer upon layer

Shit show.

The other extreme is just as bad.

Power cleans and burpees will do. Eh, maybe thrusters and pull ups next. Then, assault bike. Lots of assault bike.

Done. Grand. Sure it’s all grand.

So here I am again, programming Filthy, trying to keep it simple, but not grand.

The team element is the crux. Challenging 4 athlete’s fitness in 20 minute workouts that are interesting yet not complicated.

I see Niall mentioned syncro in the lead up to Capital this year(which looks like its going to be even bigger and better this year).

He was right, too much syncro last year all-round.

For us, it was the only way we could get through over 1000 athletes over 2 days. We had to over-use it.

This year, we have reduced the number of teams, changed the format and increased the variety of equipment, all with a view to making the events more fun and challenging for everyone.

Every year it’s scary. Every year it seems more difficult.

Lets hope I don’t fuck it up.

#175 Simple, Not Grand

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