#176 Filthy Programmed

So it’s done. Workouts are written and ready for release.

Overall i’m satisfied. Simple, challenging, interesting tests. Well, I find them interesting. Here’s a few thoughts.

5 is now 4
I planned for 5, programmed 5, then 4 made sense. 4 workouts and a final for those who make it through. The volume works better at 4, not a beat-down, but enough to ensure the best teams can leave the rest behind. A floor-plan and athlete-flow re-design later and we’re all set.

Obstacle Course
This one was always going to be difficult, and thanks to Mairead from the Beast Challenge, we have ourselves a real race. Lets face it, obstacle courses are meant to be fun and thats what we’re aiming for. However, in a fitness competition with four tests, it also has to hurt. With outdoor events, the weather is always a factor. A nice crisp autumn day would be nice, but honestly, I’m hoping for the wettest, windiest, dirtiest day of the year.

Scaled? Intermediate? RX?
I hate these terms. Everyone has their own definition to the point of meaninglessness. But that’s what we have to work with. Most teams don’t sit purely in any one of those categories. Its usually a mix, so thats what we programmed around. Mainly Intermediate challenges with RX or scaled elements to test/accommodate the athletes at both ends of the spectrum.

This is not a combine. We are not simply gathering performance data on a range of exercises and seeing who’s numbers are best. We have 4 events with heavy elements, gymnastic components, odd objects, all mixed together. We will run, row, bike, ski. Are we testing the ten physical skills equally? No, but thats the idea. Simply put, its CrossFit.

In summary
We have a teamwork-burner, a technical test with strategy, some fast grunt work and an obstacle course. I tried to make them easy to judge, easy to follow and easy to attack…but not easy. What matters most is that teams have a great weekend with each other, and then the best team wins. I hope everyone is enjoying their training and bring their best on the 21/22nd.

The first workout announcement will take place on October 6th.

#176 Filthy Programmed

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